Music that moves

We all have them, songs which give us goosebumps every single time we listen to them. Sometimes they just resonate with our inner thoughts and emotions. Sometimes they are so artfully done that one can’t help stopping whatever we are doing to pay homage to the artist with a few minutes’ full attention. A lot of the time we attach memories to whatever music we were listening to when they went down.

So, I hereby dedicate Fridays on my uber-famous blog (hit counter currently sitting at 2) to music. I’ll name one particular goosebump song (geese, I just realized where the BUMP cd’s got their name from) or whatever song I am procrastinating to at the moment. Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite audio-poison.

rush 2112Last week I read the Book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, and picked up the song “2112” By rush. Been listening to the album non-stop since then. It’s this epic story of a dystopian future, all in music form. I swear, better storyline than a lot of YA stuff coming out recently. Lend it an ear.