To Poet or Not to Poet?

I have a bit of a quandry. I have a bit of storyline in the nanowrimo book I’m busy prepping for which in my mind would be best achieved by the character leaving behind a poem as her suicide note. Problem is, I have not written any poetry since I was in school, and most of the stuff I wrote back there was rather, how should I put this—shitty. Should I really bother going through the effort to relearn the details about stanzas and quatrains, etc.,and make my best attempt at a poem(with the risk of degrading the entire novel,) or should I just make another plan with the storyline?


4 thoughts on “To Poet or Not to Poet?

  1. Have you thought of trying haiku? It’s a three-line type of Japanese poetry. The rules are quite simple and in only a few words you can get the message across without having to relearn anything about the confusing art of stanzas, verses, quatrains and everything else that make up poetry. Unless you want to channel your inner Shakespeare…


  2. If I was you, I would just go for it! You have a long time to work on that poem and could come back to it after you’ve completed your 1st draft. Even then you could ‘perfect’ your poem as the very last part of your novel that you complete. Their is a school of thought, that says, you can’t really know your beginning until you have written the end, then you have a better understanding of how to begin your novel. Heck sometimes three chapters can get lopped off the front of a final draft before it’s ready to get published, so if I was you (which I’m not), I would just start with a rough crappy poem and throw it down on the page and then begin.


    1. Thanks for the advice! Someone else also suggested just using a haiku instead since I wouldn’t have to get back into the poetry swing, but to be honest I’ve enjoyed my lame attempts to bring out my inner Shakespeare. So yea, I’ll start with my ‘rough crappy poem’ and keep pushing on.


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